Renala reserve and Ifaty beach

Beach leisure excursion, snorkeling and baobabb discovery




Time:08 : 00 AM ( Flexible)


Time:04 : 00 AM ( Flexible)

Duration: Approx 07 - 08 hours

Transport: Bus - FWD - Boat


The Reserve of Reniala Park which means the mother forest covers nearly 60 hectares and located 42 min 29.3 km via RN9. The reserve has forest of baobabs and didiereaceae, the park is located at the exit of the village of Mangily, in the park you gonna see botanical path and an ornithological reserve of  1 000 species of xerophylic plants which are adapted to a dry climate. The path winds between the flora of the south (each plant is identified by a plaque): Delonix, Pachypodium, multiple baobabs – including one giant, nicknamed teapot by visitors, about 13 m in circumference -, Givota … Without forgetting around sixty endemic bird species, including Tolohoranto, Uratelornis chimaera and Naka, Monias benschi. The beautiful village Ifaty offers nice scenery including nice beach and possibility to do canoe as well as snorkeling

We will meet you at your hotel and when you are ready we will drive from Toliara or from your hotel in Ifaty to park. The duration of our visit can be variable depending on how fit you are and  what you would love to see. The forest plays an important role for vezo fishermen as  it is there that all the raw materials to build their canoes are found balsa, delonix and baobab. During the visit you will see forest of baobabs in different species and nice botanical garden in the dry forest;
After our visit in park and when you are sastisfied enough we will head back to our car and go staight to have lunch a nice restaurant and relax by the amazing beach of Ifaty. After your relaxation your relaxation we will drive back to your hotel in Toliara or in Ifaty.
                                                                                                                                                                          End of excursion

This excursion  proposal is 100% customizable according to your wishes ad wants. You can change your tour (duration, accommodation, activities and services) during your discussions with us.     


  1. Fwd or Bus
  2. Driver
  3. Park entrance fee
  4. Fuel for the entire trip
  5. Communal taxes
  6. Car parking fees
  7. One bottle of water per person per day


  1. Lunch
  2. Dinner
  3. Personal expenses

Your required persoanl protective Equipments (PPE)
Hicking shoes, alcoholic hand sanitizer, head lights, warm clothes, mosquito spays, sun glasses, walking stick if necessary, Rain coats and your personal meds.

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