Ile aux natte

Paradise beach excursion




Time:08 : 00 AM ( Flexible)


Time:04 : 00 PM ( Flexible)

Duration: Approx 07

Transport: Bus - FWD - Boat


Ile aux Nattes, also called Nosy Nato in Malagasy language as the name ile aux natte today was teken  from it ( natou) French changed it accoding to the way how they could pronoucenced it in easy way during the perios of colonisation.  Therefore   Ile aux Nattes is a Frenchization of the Malagasy name Nato [natou]), is a small island of the Indian  ocean and located at the tip south of Île Sainte-Marie and therefore off the eastern coast of Madagascar, It is administratively under the province of Tamatave. In this tropical paaradise island you will be able do to snorkeling, whale watching ( during the season ) swimming, fishing and more.

At around 07 AM we will meet you at your hotel, and after your breakfast and that you are ready enough we will drive with a car or Tuctuc to reach the tropical paradise island of Ile aux nattte. When we reach there we will take a short canoe trip to reach our destination of the day (Ile aux natte). Before we start our excursion we will book our lunch in a restaurant called Le Napoléon, where you have enough choice of food menu, barbecue with grilled dishes and tropical fruits are one of the recommended ones. When we done with the food order we will take a canoe and take tour of the island. On the way you will see beautiful beaches full of topical coconut trees; sometimes we can stop and swim as the sea is really beautiful. Before we arrive to our restaurant we will get into the village to walk in really calm and amazing small village which will let you understand better the life style of the local people. After visit of the village we will head to the white-house to drink fresh drink and admire the beautiful view of the island 90 °. After our relaxation on top of the white house we will walk down to reach our canoe then continues to our restaurant to have lunch. After lunch you will be relaxing by the beach doing a sun bath or swim when you feel like you are fit enough after the digestion.

                                                                                                                                                                     End of excursion 

This tour proposal is 100% customizable according to your wishes ad wants. You can change your tour (duration, accommodation, activities and services) during your discussions with us.     


  1. Fwd or Bus
  2. Fuel for the entire trip
  3. Tour guide
  4. Local guide
  5. Park entrance fees
  6. Lunch
  7. Communal taxes
  8. Car parking fees
  9. One bottle of water per person per day


  1. Dinner
  2. Other personal expenses

Your required persoanl protective Equipments (PPE)
Hicking shoes, alcoholic hand sanitizer, head lights, warm clothes, mosquito spays, sun glasses, walking stick if necessary, Rain coats and your personal meds.

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