Lokobe reserve

villages, beach leisure, wildlife and plant species discovery




Time:08 : 00 AM ( Flexible)


Time:05 : 00 PM ( Flexible)

Duration: Approx 07 - 09 hours

Transport: Bus - FWD - Boat


Lokobe reserve is a ​​740 hectares reserve  which is found in island of Nosy be ( The biggest ilsnad of Madagascar ) In this amazing natural reserve you will meet the wilderness area  where you can meet different species of lemurs, birds, reptiles and endemic plants. Here you can experience the experience of being in contact with animals that have been around for many years of many kind. The park is located by the seaside and Mangrove forest. Lokobe means big color in Malagasy language loko means color and be means big or fat. In fact the color that mentioned here is green color as if you look from above from the flight or when you are far away from it on the boat you will see that park is just a green mountain therefore they call it lokobe or big greeny mountain.

After your breakfast and when you are ready enough we will drive to the fishing village called Ambatozavavy, when we reach the village we will leave our car and aboard to a canoe and start 30 minutes canoe trip. On the way you will enjoy the silient safari aorund mangrove forest and see amazing landscapes, sacred and hisotrical place. When we reach the village of Ampasipohy which is the entrance to the park. We will rest for frew minutes and put on our repalent and walkingh shoes. After our rest we will start walking slowly to the park to meet different speces of lemurs, chameleons, frogs, nakes and different spceis of endmic plants including the diurnal microcebo of Claire and the nocturnal Mirza Zaza and the lepilemur of Nosy Be. Among the six species of chameleons, in this park there is the smallest chameleon in the world, the Brochesia Minima, which is only a few millimeters long, the geckos Uroplatus or leaf-tailed gecko, an animal that exploits mimicry, which is difficult to see, the amphibians housed in the reserve lives one of the smallest frogs in the world, Rhombophryne pygmaea, endemic to the Lokobe park it’s about 10 mm in length. After our visit we will return back to the village to have lunch then after lunch you can relax. After your relaxation we will return back to Nosy be on word to your hotel

End of excursion 

This tour proposal is 100% customizable according to your wishes ad wants. You can change your tour (duration, accommodation, activities and services) during your discussions with us.     


  1. Fwd or Bus
  2. Fuel for the entire trip
  3. Tour guide
  4. Local guide
  5. Park entrance fees
  6. Lunch
  7. Communal taxes
  8. Car parking fees
  9. One bottle of water per person per day


  1. Dinner
  2. Other personal expenses

Your required persoanl protective Equipments (PPE)
Hicking shoes, alcoholic hand sanitizer, head lights, warm clothes, mosquito spays, sun glasses, walking stick if necessary, Rain coats and your personal meds.

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