Nosy ve

Beach and snorkeling excursion




Time:08 : 00 AM ( Flexible)


Time:04 : 00 PM ( Flexible)

Duration: Approx 07 - 08 hours

Transport: Bus - FWD - Boat


The Vezo fishermen known and recommended by the hotel organize departures on request to the island of Nosy Ve in a traditional sailing canoe. The boatman, a Vezo fisherman, will pick you up from the hotel in the morning to take the ride using the easterly winds. Depending on the wind, the crossing will last between ½ hour and ¾ of an hour. When you arrive on the island, you will have to pay a small entrance fee of 5000ar, a tax that goes to the village of Anakao.You can also accompany the boatmen who will leave in the lagoon to hunt your meal then prepare a menu based on fresh fish, rice and a delicious sauce of which they have the secret. After a short nap, you will return to the hotel, taking advantage of the reversal of the thermal winds in the early afternoon.


In the morning after your breakfast our team will meet you ar toyr hotel and when you are ready you will drive to the embarkation point of Nosy ve and get ready for a Whale excursion with meal on the island of Nosy Ve which is located just in front of Anakao at 5 kms. Accessible by motorized canoe, you can observe the whales with our vezo boatmen and then have lunch on the island with a meal consisting. When you reach there you will be able to snorkel, relaxing and do whale watching on the season. After the excursion you sail back to the city of Toliara on word to your hotel.

End of Excursion


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